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The web-based software that revolutionizes document management

In short

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Migrate all your Word documents with a simple import
  • Cutting-edge identification of reusable content
  • Collaborative platform which allows you to write, proofread, translate, validate, without exchanging documents
  • Automatic multi-format publication and distribution (print, web, mobile)

How does it work?


Your editors write the content of their document in “single source” modules.

Contents is secure.


Each time a source module is modified, all older and new documents referring to the source module are automatically updated.

No more endless searching to find the most up-to-date document.


Documents can be translated automatically.

Managing multilingual documents becomes so easy!


Your graphic designers define the standard format for your organisation’s different types of documents. Thus, each publication respects the graphic charter as defined upstream.

All of your documents have a standardized presentation.


Publish your documents in any format in 1-click.

Save time for what really matters!

Schéma Calenco

What kinds of documents can I produce with Calenco ?

  • Technical instructions
  • Commercial files, calls for tenders
  • Contracts, terms of use and conditions, legal notices
  • User guides, installation guide
  • Data sheets
  • Training materials
  • Product catalogs
  • Reports, overviews, notes
  • Websites, digital publishing
  • rocedural manuals, quality action plans

Some numbers

A study carried out among Calenco users confirms and quantifies the gains related to the use of this solution :

  • saves up to 70% of the time for updating documents
  • a reduction of 30 to 50% in translation costs
  • 100% of customers confirm that they have increased the reliability of content reuse
  • more than 50 companies use this software, including EDF, SNCF, St Gobain, General Electric, Bouygues.

“Publishing in PDF or WebHelp in 1-click is a life changer in my daily activities.”

Ingestic is the official distributor of Calenco in Benelux.
NeoDoc develops and edits Calenco since 2004.

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