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Ingestic is a data-driven company whose services enable you to take advantage of your data capital. For Ingestic, valuing your data is a priority. Ingestic collects, sorts and analyzes your data to create relevant solutions, while strategically helping you sharing your data.

Ingestic offers 3 solutions :


The positive energy

Without data sharing, the energetic transition will not happen

Give your institution a key role in the energetic transition with Secoia, a tool for decision making about the energy consumption.

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The augmented documentation

Facilitate your administrative work and become paperless

Integrated to your information systems, eMedia makes your documentation interactive to simplify administrative procedures and automates the collection of information.

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The shared mobility

Navigate between several websites or applications? It’s over!

Mobilitia is a sharing platform for mobility data. It is the authentic source for all the mobility data of your city. This platform makes possible the creation of services based on these data and facilitates decision-making thanks to data sharing and reuse.

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